Brown 2 Green

The gifts I usually receive from my family on my birthday range from hastily put together cards on printer paper to hand soap with my favorite fragrance (eye roll). A few years back, hubby dear got me a little Bougainvillea plant for my birthday. I was thrilled beyond measure at the business class upgrade and had the gardener install it in a prime location in the garden.

It thrived and climbed on the trellis the first year. Soon after ,it withered away and showed no signs of life. It was brittle, brown as sand and just overall a sad case. I did not have the heart to pull it out because it had been a thoughtful gift. I looked at it every day and wondered if there was any life. I checked the watering and added fertilizer, but time went by and the plant remained barren.

This year, all of a sudden, the plant has leaves and seems to show signs of life. I am ecstatic, thankful and surprised at the same time.

There may be times when we feel everything has just stagnated, there is no movement and that everything has come to a standstill, no hope perhaps?

It could just be a sign of life working things out until it is ready to flower again. Do not lose hope.

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