Miracle at Mont St.Michel

Our van sped along the countryside and we approached Mont St.Michel. We were excited to visit this site partially because it was nature’s miracle in itself. One can access it during low tide alone, during high tide it is an island. Our driver dropped us off at the parking lot at 10 am and asked us to hurry up so we could join the English tour at 10:30 am. Little did we know …

We started walking towards the monument and were overtaken by the shuttle and buggies. By the time we reached the entrance, it was 10:30 am. Not losing hope, we asked the ticket checker for the location of the Abbey so we could join the tour (a few minutes did not matter we decided).

The helpful ticket checker turned around and pointed us to a few hundred steep steps. With great optimism he said that at the end of those 700 or odd steps (at least that is what it looked like) we would find the Abbey. Gulp, how many more steps??

Grunting and groaning we reached the summit and threw our hands up in the air. It was 11 am and crowded. None of us had the energy to do anything but sit and rest. I sat on a bench and moved towards the corner to make room for another couple. A little man peeked from behind me and said “Anyone here for the English tour?”. Whaaaaaat, is this for real I thought? We happily joined the 90 minute tour and thanked St Michel for the opportunity.

My point? If something is meant to happen it will.

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