Fact Check

In the book Soul to Soul, Gary Zukav recounts an incident wherein he visits a pond under a waterfall in Hawaii. He is torn between the decision to swim in the icy water or be content with dipping his toes in it. He finally decided to change his perception on the matter.

Instead of thinking, “oh my the water is cold. I do not like to be cold, it is uncomfortable etc”, he tells himself “let me experience the sensations of my body as I slide into the icy water. ” **He slowly gets in and notices that sensations on his skin -“my skin seems to crawl up”, his body – “my body seems more alert” , the refreshing feeling overall and is able to enjoy a nice swim.

I was thinking of how to apply this concept in my life. Perhaps, this could be applied when I tend to judge people. A Facebook friend and I have been in close contact and have promised each other over and over that we would call or stop by if we were to visit each others city.

A few weeks back, I saw some pictures of her in my city and was surprised that she did not call or text. Just a “hey , too busy to meet but wanted to say hi” would have sufficed. But then, isn’t this the same as “Oh it is too cold, my body feels uncomfortable etc”. Instead when I replaced it with “She visited my town, she did not call” the pain seemed more manageable.

Perhaps this is the first step towards non-judgement. State the facts, let go off the emotion.

** Please note that I have not quoted him exactly. The phrases I have used are my interpretation of his words.

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