March of the Penguins

Phillip Island off the southern coast of Australia is home to Little Penguins. Tourists all over the world gather to watch the Penguin Parade. However, there is a back story that not many know.

Before the 1980’s tourism was at its peak and there was much construction on the island. Various factors such as the above, contributed to the steady decline of the penguin population and their natural habitat was endangered. In order to repopulate and save the habitat, the government bought back all the land and made a hard decision to stop commercialization of the island and asked its residents to leave. The government’s only aim was to restore the penguin population. It has finally paid off and the penguins are back to joyfully marching again.

I read that the Indonesian government is planning a similar move on Komodo Island to preserve the Komodo lizard population. On one hand, that means losing tourism money($$$$$). Yet another way to see it is doing right by animals that cannot advocate for themselves.

I am looking for part time work and have certain parameters for my perfect part time job. Once I added my criteria to the advanced filters on the job portal, a list of matches showed up. Among them was the perfect job based on my criteria, but, I did not apply. Why? Because, it was for a vaping company. My morals and principles far outweigh the $$ I will be paid. Yes, it is perfect in every other respect but defies the moral fabric that drapes me every day.

Beliefs are choices. First you choose your beliefs. Then your beliefs affect your choices.”  

Roy T. Bennett

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