Don’t Wallow in Sorrow

<19..>, was my first experience being snowed in. I had never seen snow, let alone a snow storm. Kiddo was a few months old and we were trapped at home for several days due to a snow storm. We huddled by the fire place and listened to the radio(batteries). People were flocking to the mall for warmth, that was not an option for us, hence we listened to the radio day in and out for weather updates and tips on how to stay warm. Time and again there were reports of how some folks sat in their garage with their cars turned on for warmth, and eventually perished due to carbon monoxide poisoning.

Anything trapped for too long pollutes the atmosphere.

I was walking Cherry last night and it was fairly dark. Cherry decided to take a bio break and I scooped up the waste as best I could. While I looked calm on the outside, I was a tornado on the inside because, hubby who was standing near by was checking his phone instead of shining the flashlight. He had his ear phones on so could not hear my call either. I got home and gave him a piece of my mind. I wallowed and wallowed and wallowed in this negativity until I got tired of it. I decided to move on because it hurt me to sit in this puddle of gloom.

Moving on was not easy because there was an emptiness that I felt I needed to fill. So, I vacated the seat of negativity and plonked a thought in its place that next time, I would be self sufficient with my own phone or take a torch light with me on dark and non-starry nights.

Once the empty space was occupied, I felt better about moving on.

Everyone asks us to move on from whatever is bothering us. It is not that easy, I know, because I am the queen of wallow in sorrow. My suggestion is to treat it as a two step process. 1. Decide that enough is enough and that you are moving on. 2. Plonk an action item in its place for the future. It just might make it a bit easier to move on.

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