Communication at 186000 miles/sec

I had to return an item at Target and was trying to find parking. The parking lots were full. I made three rounds of the lot before I left. I looked at kiddo and asked “Was there any learning at all in this? I just wasted time, didn’t I? What a waste <ramble, ramble, ramble>.”

She said “Well, it was a good lesson on when to know that it is time to quit. You see, there is a fine line between perseverance and knowing it is time to quit.”

I have a friend who lives in the USA but does a lot of business with Japan. He mentioned that the Japanese delegation often arrives with translators, and they all communicate with one another with the help of a translator.

My friend also told me that more often than not, the Japanese delegates know English really well, but still use the translator. Why? I was bewildered. He said that it is often to pause and think while the translator is doing his job. It is for those times when they do not want to blurt out the first angry word that crosses their brain as a retort. The pause is also for them to think and come up with a meaningful response vs. being impulsive.

How beautiful.

I was reminded of the days when emails ruled. It allowed one to pause, think and re think. Emails gave us time to take a break from the situation and not react on impulse. Office communication has now moved to texting, hangouts, Whatsapp and whatnot. We are expected to respond immediately to every query asap, and that is how work gets done these days.

I wonder if there is a fine line between lightning speed communication and productivity.

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