Of atoms and molecules

I had shared in one of my earlier posts that I have been looking for part time work. Well guess what? I managed to snag one and will be starting work soon. I would like to share my journey with ya’ll.

I have been on a quest to find work for the longest time. I have re trained myself in my area of expertise, attended mock interviews, resume building workshops etc, and have applied for 100s of jobs up until now, to no avail. So, what made this attempt different than the others and why did I actually end up getting the job?

Let me start with the job application process itself. Unlike the past, this time around, I had a very clear idea of what I wanted to do, how many hours I wanted to work and the kind of environment I wanted to be in.

In the past, while browsing the job board, my heart would leap with joy just reading up some of the job descriptions. My heart would ask me to apply while my mind stopped me from doing so because of low pay or any other reason it could think of. This time around I asked my mind to sit in a corner, and asked my heart to take the lead. I applied for some jobs I would normally not apply for.

In the 99 other attempts I was trying to control the process. How? By preparing. I searched the internet high and low and found the best answers interviewers were looking for and tailored my responses accordingly with the helpful tips. For hours, I crafted my cover letter and resume with buzz words so they could show up in search results. Man, I was prepared for any question one might ask – all my responses were anticipated and well thought out.

I got tired of all this ‘managing’. This time around, I sat in a quiet corner of the house and just wrote the cover letter and resume while my heart dictated the words. Everything was authentic and sincere. All in all it probably took 30 minutes to write, review and upload my resume (thanks Grammarly).

At the interview, I was given situations or scenarios to troubleshoot, my answers were genuine and straight from the heart. I put myself in those shoes and thought about how I would like the situation to be dealt with and answered.

After the interview, I continued applying for other jobs since I was detached from the outcome of this one. I got the congratulatory email and the rest is history.

As Mark Nepo says in his book ‘The One Life We’re Given’ – every day we are given a choice to lean in to life or turn away. When we show up with who we are, we join with other life, the way atoms form molecules. This joining of aliveness is at the heart of all creation.

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