L.O Bravo!

Kiddo was a toddler and scraped her knee while riding her bike. I cleaned the wound and then, being a new and first time mom, I covered the wound with bandage. My mom in law gently told me that the scraped knee was best left un-bandaged so that it could air dry and heal.

I love watching a show ‘Million Dollar Listings – New York’. I was sad to see one of my favorite realtors L.O leave the show a few seasons ago. He apparently lived in Paris for 2 years and is back now – YAY!!!

I liked L.O because of his integrity, his zeal for life and overall he was and still is a nice person. It is slowly coming to light that he battled with severe depression and thought of ending his life at various points.

He openly talks about his battle and every day struggles with the beast and I applaud him for that. More celebrities need to talk about this and bring it out into the open instead of keeping it bandaged. The more we hear about it the more we can support those battling depression.

Thanks L.O for sharing and being so brave. I am rooting for you! Thanks for getting the conversation started. Depression does not pick and choose. Please keep talking so your loved ones can support you and others might find it in them to seek help.

Good Vibes Only.

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