Lost and found

We had allocated a day for shopping in Paris. I know I know … far too less, but I’ll take anything. So, we pulled up directions to Printemps and asked the cabbie to get us there. Due to horrendous rush hour traffic, the cabbie advised us to get off much much earlier and walk to the mall ‘just around the corner’.

We turned every corner and realized we were far far away from the mall. Wanting to make the most of a bad situation we walked into pretty much every shop. There was one shop – an Old Navy lookalike C & A where I had the most fun. I could not get enough of the clothing, hats, shoes, perfumes, earrings – oh my what a time I had! Right next to this shop was a Daiso look alike where I found the cutest journals. I picked up a few for myself , family and friends.

With tons of paper bags with our stuff we finally reached Printemps. Much to my dismay I could not find anything that caught my fancy. I looked high and low but nothing matched the variety of the little shops I had visited earlier.

I have not been able to forget this episode of ‘getting lost in Paris’. Did I really get lost or did I find myself after getting lost? Was I even meant to go to Printemps or were the Old Navy/Daiso look a likes my final destination?

My point – do not ever feel that you are lost. See what you can find instead, when you feel lost.

The destination becomes the journey and the journey becomes the destination. Oh, I know that is deep, I need a break. Before I go, promise to think about it and share a story about your journey if you feel called to do so.

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