Normal is not boring

My Cherry is adorable. She is a Maltese Terrier mix. There is more Terrier in her, but we’ll revisit that later. She loves cuddling with people and no one can resist her charm. I am known as Cherry’s mama – I highly doubt if anyone knows my name 🙂

There is one trait in Cherry I dislike. There is a corner fenced house where 2 ginormous dogs live. They roar from their yard (Freudian slip – I meant bark) and everyone shudders. Cherry and I walk by their fence every day and we are greeted with loud roars. Yesterday they were not home, so it was quiet as we walked by. My little one could not accept the silence since she was used to the growls. She let out a yelp or two and would not stop until I pulled her away. Why put yourself in harm’s way when there is no danger, why go looking for danger – I thought.

In life, some of us are so used to anxiety, depression, upheaval that when things are actually going well we are unable to accept status quo – like Cherry. We get used to the unpleasant conditions so much that our body and mind longs for the hurt , abuse, anger, sorrow <fill the blank>.

My point being – when we feel anxious let us ask ourselves what this is really about. Is the silence deafening? If so, perhaps time for a walk, run, gratitude journal, music, Keeping up with the Kardashians, Whats App – whatever is your soul’s center. If you are curious about my center – it is music. Currently have Senorita on repeat.


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