Happy Hour

I walk 3 miles everyday. Cherry was my Mr. Watson until she started sit walking, at which point I decided to walk alone or with a friend.

Let me explain – Cherry used to walk briskly but decided that letting the shrubs and lizards go unattended was not worth it. She started poking her nose into every shrub at her level (she is tiny) looking for lizards. She started sitting in the middle of the road just because …. and also roll on people’e lawns because the grass was well manicured and soft. This did not work for me since I like to keep a good pace and log my stats (don’t you dare roll your eyes :-).

Today I came back from my solo walk and noticed a few things in the yard that needed my attention. I put the hose back in the holder, cleared a few weeds and made a mental note to water some plants when I step out next.

As I was heading to the door I thought to myself – I always have something to do – either a physical / mental list. I am always working, never pause to be happy or just enjoy. I am always doing something, thinking of the next steps, worrying about something …. Should I also not pause like Cherry to enjoy life?

From this day onward, I am designating a Happy Hour in my mind wherein I will force myself to be happy and enjoy and smile. The to do lists, chores, worries and errands can wait.

Cherry, what would I do without you? She does not even know she teaches me big life lessons everyday.

2 thoughts on “Happy Hour

  1. I walk two miles every morning, unless my friend joins me and then it’s much farther. 🙂 When I do walk with her I miss being able to be more like your Cherry and stop and watch the birds or talk to my canine friends who are out walking their people. Our pets do have a lot to teach us, don’t they?


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