Past perfect

I love earrings and have quite a collection. This summer I picked up a few gorgeous beauties from C&A, Paris and have worn them almost everyday. Kiddo borrows earrings from me every now and then and did so last week.

I was surprised to find one of my favorite ones unhinged. I tried putting it together but was unable. I was sad, mad and hot fat tears rolled down my cheeks. Kiddo apologized and offered to fix it but I asked her to leave me alone.

If it had been anything else I would have said – that is OK, it was meant/not meant to be. But, with this pair I just could not get over the hurt. As I sat there fixing, I wondered what I was really trying to fix.

I realized,it was the memories, happiness, gift of time and relaxation that I missed. Life was like a boat moving in calm waters. All of a sudden life has become like a ship caught in a storm. Everything is rushed, chaotic.

I guess I am trying to fix the present with the past.

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