Deeply Rooted

The weather was perfect today – Cherry and I went for a stroll. We passed by a creek and stood there for a while enjoying the music made by the creek.

I noticed some trees around the creek. Some were slanted but firmly rooted on the ground. Others were straight and also firmly rooted. No wind/storm could shake them it seemed. There were some trunks lying around also, completely uprooted and fallen.

I thought, hmm isn’t this how life works? Everyone has their own value system that keeps them rooted. Your values(straight tree) could be entirely different than my values(slanted tree) and that is okay. Values are what keeps us grounded. Those who have no value system are the ones that fall and are often confused.

Stand for something or fall for everything’, as the saying goes.

My values are sincerity, honesty, faith, growth, kindness, service. Think about yours. These values will become your decision framework when you need to make those tough calls.

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