What’s in your wallet?

Jennifer Garner with her cute dimples asks “What’s in your wallet?” in the CapitalOne card ad. I am not sure why I remember this so vividly.

Remember I told you a while back that I started working? So, there is tons to learn and each day is progress. My work is 100% people facing and I love it. Can you believe that I was never a people person?

When I was young, if people were rude to me, I would let them know. As years progressed, I matured, and did not like giving it back. So, I kept it within me and cut off contact with those who were rude. Now, that I am really really old, I do neither.

Let me explain. At work, a lady in a unique situation asked me a unique question. Being new on the job, I said I did not know the answer. She snapped at me and said ‘How can you not know? You should know all the answers’ and proceeded to say a few more thingies.

The old me would have …..

The new me, just understood that she was being rude because of what was in her wallet. She had memories, experiences etc that were unique to her, which made her present herself in that way. I did not take it personally and just smiled and apologized. I also offered to call the supervisor if she really needed to know asap.

She cooled off and said “Yeah, I am in a unique situation. You have probably never been asked this question”.

People are who they are because of what’s in their wallet. I would tell my younger self to not take rude people at face value and just blame it on the damn wallet! 🙂

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