Damaged goods

There was a really nice forest and all the animals lived in harmony. They helped each other out and cared and shared.

A rhino moved in, and started treating everyone like dirt. The secretary of the animal kingdom, Mr. Rooster was at his wits end on how to make rhino follow the rules. Rhino had blatant disregard for rules and did as he pleased. He was always angry and posted dirty messages on animal media about his neighbors.

One day Rhino placed a broken cot outside his door. Mr. Rooster asked him why it had been placed outside the door when trash pick up day was a few days out. Rhino answered that the cot was broken.

Mr. Rooster sent an email to rhino as follows “As secretary of animal kingdom I need to inform you Rhino, that we do not allow placement of trash outside the home on non-trash pick up days. It is against the code. We would be much obliged if you kept it in your closet or someplace indoors, until trash pick up day.”

Rhino marched into the office a few seconds later with the broken cot and said “Here you go. If I cannot keep this outside my door, you can keep it in the office.”

Mr. Rooster – “Sorry, I have many meetings and cannot allow a personal item in the office space. Why don’t you just keep it in your house until trash pick up day?”

Rhino – “I will not keep broken items in my house. That is That. Now take it or I will dump it in the hallway.” Huff Puff Snort Roar.

Mr. Rooster chewed on the spoken words ” I will not keep broken items in my house. ” and thought – then how about you Rhino. Why do you live inside the house and not outside.

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