In the lap of luxury

Hubby and I had outgrown our Civic and we really needed a second car. With a baby on the way, we just had to upgrade our budget and size of the car. Off we went to different dealerships and set our heart on a Toyota Highlander. It was pearly white and beautiful and spacious enough for our growing family. We were worried about the price tag but felt we could pull it off. We went home to get our check book and the salesman said he would expect us back in a few minutes.

Hubby left me at home, grabbed the checkbook and went back to the dealership in a taxi only to find the car had been sold.

The salesman was unapologetic and said that he had to do his job and secure a firm present rather than an uncertain future. Hubby came back and we were crushed beyond comprehension. Our dreams and hopes had come to a grinding halt and we would have to restart the process. More than anything, what we had fallen in love with was gone. How could God do this to us? We had no strength to comfort one another.

Hubby was unable to sleep that night and started looking at Craigslist for used SUVs. He found a beautiful Golden Lexus for sale at half the price and with excellent mileage. We made an appointment and met with the sellers at 9 am the next day. They were so wealthy that the Lexus was just another car for them and they had to get it off their hands so they could buy their next luxury car. They were willing to sell it at rock bottom and were looking for a fast sale.

We took the car off their hands and drove home in a luxury vehicle.

My point – if God does not give you what you want, it only means that he has something bigger, better and more luxurious in store for you. Stay in faith.

God Bless everyone reading this. You are meant for bigger and better things!

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