Brr.. its getting chilly out there

Her – @#$%^&

Me – ……………….

Her – *()^&%$#+_)(*!@#$

Me – ………………………………..

I went home angry that day. Yelled at hubby for not putting the newspaper away, and at kiddo for not tying her hair properly. {Sorry}

I decided that the next time I met her I would not smile, or be nice. I would ignore her and not make eye contact.

Then, I read about a thermostat vs. a thermometer. One holds constant temperature regardless of weather and the other fluctuates based on the weather. I wanted to hold myself to a higher standard and decided to give this a try – try and be a thermostat.

Next day at work,

I see her approaching my desk. I start thinking to myself – look away, act busy, is it time to take a bio break? Oh God, help me avoid her and be mean back to her. Please , pretty please, can the phone ring??

She approaches me and I make eye contact and smile at her. She smiles back.

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