The magic of tidying up

My supervisor has been super nice and really patient with me. She explains things in detail and is just an amazing person overall. There is once work item that I have had difficulty with. Every time I need to process that work item, I get confused.

I went into work the other day and just got more and more frustrated with myself. I came home sad and was unable to focus on anything. I was just plain upset at myself.

I am not sure why, I glanced at my work bag. It was stuffed full with papers and completely disorganized. My bag was bigger and more stuffed than Santa’s bag of joy. I felt my brain was like my work bag – overstuffed and disorganized.

One look at it and I knew I had to clear my mind. So, I started clearing out my bag. I pulled out all the papers and items and just left them neatly in a pile. My work bag now had just the essentials – all neatly compartmentalized and it felt great. The bag was breathing again.

I went back to work the next day with a better attitude and a spring in my step. I tackled everything slowly and steadily and made good progress. I did feel better organized and light headed (in a good way).

Thanks Marie Kondo. Cleaning the clutter does help.

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