My American Dream

I have lived in America for several years now. In this time span I have done several things I might have never done, such as unlearning / relearning how to drive, traveled alone to international locations, used a lawn mower etc. However, there is one thing I have always been scared of – a car wash.

I have never had the courage to take the car by myself and get it washed in the automatic thingy. Why? I do not know. I usually take my car to the hand wash stations.

Hubby has taught me several times how to choose the correct car wash ( I know!!!), punch the code into the system, drive into the washing space and let the car get washed. I drive past the car wash but never ever do it. My fear of failure and looking stupid in the event of a mistake, has stopped me until now.

I decided enough was enough because I dislike driving a dirty car. I went today and got it done. It was easy and all I had to do was stay inside the car and watch the spinning brushes work their magic. As I exited the car wash, the heavens parted and angels were playing music celebrating the coming to fruition of my American dream.

So what made me do it today?

I read a story about a man who kept his favorite baby swan in a glass jar. Little did he realize that the swan would grow. At one point, he had to get the swan out because it was struggling in the tight space, and had no other choice than to break the glass jar.

According to Mark Nepo, we put the swan (our heart) into the glass jar (our mind) in order to protect it from say hurt, failure <fill in the blank>. Little do we realize that our heart grows stronger and more mature over time and is capable of withstanding challenges. The heart needs to be set free, it cannot and must not be contained. We do not need to protect it.

So, we need to break the glass jar (shackles of the mind) and do what we are meant to do with our heart taking the lead. Else, we will never make progress.

I lived my American Dream today. Hope this post inspires some of you to break your glass jars as well.

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