The Sky is Falling ..

I am sure most of us are familiar with the story of Chicken Little, who told everyone on the way, that the ‘Sky Was Falling’. It was just an acorn and not the sky.

My post is similar to Chicken Little’s story. I strongly believe in global warming and that climate change is happening and is very real. We need to leave a good legacy for future generations and do everything in our power to make a U Turn and not follow the road we are on.

My post is dedicated to the five elephants that died in Thailand trying to save a baby elephant. Do you know the back story? Agreed that they were trying to cross a river. This river is usually not so full this time of the year, it is much drier. It has been overflowing in October partially due to climate change – officials speculate. These poor elephants were just walking their normal route when this catastrophic event happened.

I hope people who have the power to make global policies in this regard do so, and save our planet and all of us who inhabit the same.

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