Rules of the Game

Hubby and I were on a tourist bus. We had assigned seating, so that we could leave our jackets and hand luggage on the seat, each time the bus stopped along the way at various scenic points.

At one of the stops we came back to our assigned seats to find another couple sitting and chatting with each other. We did not mind and just sat some place else. This happened a few times, so, we just gave up and decided to not play the game of musical chairs and sat elsewhere. We shifted our jackets and hand luggage and moved permanently.

More often than not this happens in life too, yes? There are games people play in social circles, work circles and other relationships.

I often wonder if giving up and not playing the game of life is seen as defeat or cowardice?

I thought about this quite a bit and have come to the conclusion that before playing the social game/work game/ relationship game/<fill your own game>), I need to look at the rules of the game. Then, ask myself – do I wish to play this game given the rules? If yes, engage. If not, do not play.

It is not defeat or cowardice, it is a choice.

2 thoughts on “Rules of the Game

  1. Making the decision is also hard or harder. I know so many that don’t make choices and wait for things to happen. Well done. We need more like you.


  2. Making a decision and following through on it is hard too, if not harder. I commend you on making a decision on what works for you. Well done.


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