A round square

I have a neighbor who has the best hedge, lining his yard. He takes great care in trimming it and shaping it. It looks like someone from the military gave him exact dimensions to cut and prune. The edges are at right angles (I kid you not) and it is a feast for the eyes.

I met him yesterday and praised him for his work. He mentioned something that I did not know. He said that if a shrub is pruned and shaped too much from the outside – it dries out rapidly on the inside and eventually withers and perishes. In a nutshell, over trimming and shaping, might not be a good idea, since it it harmful for the shrub in the long term.

I had a thought – we all have boundaries (physical, emotional) to keep us safe. However sometimes we over do the boundaries and it probably harms us on the inside. It is okay to bend a little, sway a little, fall out a little. A reminder to not be too rigid with ourselves.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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