I travel light, do you?

I have started preparing for winter and have been moving my woolen scarfs and sweaters into the closet. I am particularly fond of a woolen scarf from Portugal.

As I was running my hand over it, I felt a small piece of woolen thread jutting out.On impulse, I pulled the thread and the whole scarf unraveled. I was really sad and wished I had been more thoughtful of my action. I wished I had not done it at all and had just let it be. I am sitting in front of a pile of wool and do not know what to do with it but toss it.

In life, not every relationship is meant to be. Sometimes we just need to let things go and not tug at the piece of thread jutting out. We may end up doing more harm than good.

I often receive advice from my extended family to reach out to other people and be in touch with all of them. They say “What if they have not called? You call. Bury the hatchet and move forward.”etc etc.

Sometimes I do, sometimes not. They fault my ego. I have a different perspective. I do not feel guilty when I just leave things as they are. If it is meant to be it will, if not, it won’t. Why stress over unnecessary things? I travel light and have faith that, those who are meant to be in my life are already a part of it. I have many useful things to do other than clean up a pile of wool :-). That said, I welcome everyone into my hands and heart.

Only carry on luggage, no bulky check-ins on the airplane called relationships 🙂

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