Stay or Leave?

I love food and eat out often. I had ordered a lettuce wrap one time and took a hungry bite into it. The lettuce had gone bad, and I had to reject the whole dish because the fundamental element had become rotten, and there was no way I could enjoy the dish, past the lettuce.

More recently, I went for a buffet and piled several items on my plate. There was a salad with balsamic vinegar I disliked, but very much enjoyed the Brussels sprouts tossed in olive oil with salt and pepper (oven roasted). I finished my meal and was purring like a well fed cat.

I used to get angry at hubby in my early days into the marriage, when he left a towel here or a book there. I rejected him completely and felt my marriage was nearing its end when such incidents happened.

As I matured in age and wisdom ;), I realized that his core is so intact. The little things he does or does not do is one isolated incident in the grand scheme of things. It is like that salad with balsamic vinegar. I told myself that I should just look past it and accept him for the million other things he does for me (he leaves my fuzzy slippers under my bed, so that I can slip into them as soon as I wake up, makes coffee for me every morning, he is always available for a chat and makes time during his super busy day).

I urge everyone in a relationship to consider if the lettuce has gone bad or is it a dish that you can shove to the edge of the plate while you continue to enjoy the rest of your meal. This will give clarity on whether to stay or move on.

Time to pick up the coffee cup near the sofa, and clean out the paper receipts rolled up oh so beautifully in the office drawer.

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