The nature of things

I was thinking about the nature of things. Some are visible and others invisible.

Take for instance the chair I am sitting on. It has features, occupies space, gets old over time, its paint chips and it needs retouching. If things are really bad, it may break and get scratched severely.

On the other hand, air is invisible. In figurative terms it does not occupy space, does not get chipped, broken, old and worn out. We take it for granted and go about our business not giving it much thought.(I know what some of you readers are thinking – let us stay in the philosophical realm and not get scientific :-).

In the same way, as humans, we have a choice to be invisible or visible. If we voice our opinions and stay true to our nature by speaking up for what we believe – we end up occupying space, risk being seen and used, and might break or get chipped in the process. If we choose to be invisible and fly under the radar , we go unnoticed and do not get affected by the vagaries of human nature.

The choice is entirely up to us. Neither option is wrong. Who do you want to be?

For the curious ones – I am old, broken, chipped, scratched but still standing!

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