Habitual Pain

My skin was red hot and the metal on it was excruciatingly painful. As the metal poked and prodded my skin, I squirmed and bit my lips, shut my eyes and prayed that the pain would go away.

I was trying to insert the stem of an earring into my ear and the above is a description of how much it hurt. My ears were pierced when I was a baby and I have worn earrings of various shapes and sizes since. Sometimes the openings narrow due to the thickness of the stems and when I try and insert a piece with a thicker stem it HURTS A LOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Habits are similar, yes? One goes for long periods of time without say working out , eating right, blogging :-), <fill in the blank> and our discipline narrows. When we suddenly try to insert a habit that is good for us (one with a thicker stem), it hurts a lot. Over time, we keep at it and the opening widens to accomodate the new stem and we have established a new normal.

Where did I put those tennis shoes now? Wait a minute – Let me check the weather, time for lunch maybe, but Cherry will be lonely >>>> argh, grunt, groan, eye roll …

See you soon!

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