Cherry Proof-ing

Hubby and I were traveling once and I am unable to recall where we were at. We sat watching the evening news because there was nothing much to do – it was a very small town. The headlines that evening was the town’s fire department had rescued a cat from a tree! Need I say more?

We spoke about this for many years until it happened to us. My tiny Cherry has a habit of getting into tiny spaces in the yard. One time she got under the garden shed and no amount of poking and prodding got her out. We had to call the fire department! The Universe is strange – I must admit. We made a generous donation to our fire department for rescuing Cherry and started plugging all the tiny spaces in the backyard with mesh, chicken wire, wooden fencing etc. We Cherry proofed the entire yard – there was no way she could get under anything.

As I go through the day, I am mostly neutral in my thoughts and feelings. Every once in a while, I get sad and anxious. I never understood why until today. It is because, a sad thought enters my mind and shakes things up. It drags me down physically, mentally and emotionally. If by some means, I plug the holes in my mind and prevent these thoughts from entering, I could Cherry Proof my mind also, I wondered.

Every time I feel hopeless, I will examine my thoughts and plug the hole with uplifting music (chicken wire), affirmations (mesh), positive messages (wooden fencing).

If any of you my dear readers deals with depression, anxiety or other such issues – do consider Cherry proofing your mind and come up with your own way of plugging the holes.

May the force be with you!

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