Wheat Thins

Hubby was pacing up and down the length of the kitchen. He did not look happy and I saw a potential storm brewing. His face was serious and he was rubbing his hand over his chin impatiently. The day had just begun and I was wondering what could have possibly caused this sombre mood.

Mustering all the courage I had, I asked him what was up this morning. He opened the breakfast cupboard and pointed to an empty spot. His favorite breakfast cereal was missing. I said that Target was out of Banana Nut Cereal. Every time I visited, they were out of stock. I said he should just look for other breakfast cereals or oatmeal. He left that day – first time in several years, without breakfast.

This happened the next and the next day. No breakfast for hubby, I felt sad. He had eaten Banana Nut for 15 + years every morning, and just like that the day had come when he had to part ways. I knew it was difficult but he had to look for other alternatives. Nothing is permanent. Change is the only constant, I told him, suppressing my amusement at what we were discussing.

One week hence, he sat next to me and asked what I was eating for breakfast. I said it was plain old cornflakes with warm milk and a teaspoon for sugar. He took a bite and asked for the same. I gladly made a bowl for him and we sat eating in silence.

Over the next few weeks, a lot of good things happened as a result of the new routine- my chubby wubby double chocolate chip cookie hubby lost quite a bit of weight and started resembling a wheat thin cracker. He had more energy and was being more active. The smile returned and he was happy once again.

My point – nothing lasts for ever – yes? We do feel sad when we are let go after being a dedicated employee for more than a decade, or when our favorite manager moves away to another department or the project we have worked at for so long gets canned.

New beginnings are hard because old ways are familiar. But, if we embrace change, we might be surprised at what it might do to us.

A toast to new beginnings.

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