Just for today – post 1

Most of us are probably aware of the ‘Just for today’ meditations. In short, you come up with a list as below, and live up to it that day:

“Just for today, I will not criticize. “

“Just for today, I will smile all day.” etc.

I was so inspired by a list I read, that I made a list m’self.

My darling kiddo loves sugar, and has been kind enough (read lazy enough) to leave a box of cookies on the counter. Darling hubby loves me so much that he has left a half eaten orange chocolate (the ultimate lethal weapon against all man and woman kind) on top of the sugar cookies.

Just for today – I will exercise self control and not give into temptation. I will walk by, look at ’em, BUT WILL NOT EAT, SMELL or TAKE A BITE!

Regardless of how happy I am and feel the need to celebrate, I will not touch these. If I need to taste something sweet today, I will drink water or brew myself a cuppa tea.

Staying strong you guys , staying strong!

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