Just for today – post 2

Update – I did not touch the cookies/candy (link) and feel ecstatic.

I have a habit of watching TV when I have lunch. Yesterday, YouTube randomly suggested this video. I was a bit skeptical of the interviewee and interviewer but decided to go for it anyway.

I could not get through the interview in one session. I choked, got teary eyed, and had to watch the series in 10 minute intervals. The interviewee is known to everyone from ages 1-100. She is strong, powerful, and comes across as very well put together. But, on that hot seat, she was being human , a raw human, one with feelings, she also gets hurt and has tons of baggage. There are several takeaways for me but I will stick with one that stood out – judgement.

I cannot speak about anyone other than myself. I am quick to judge people. She/He looks annoyed, she is so unhelpful, why did she not smile at me when I greeted her, she looked away yada yada yada….

Just for today – I will be free of judgement. I will look at everyone who crosses my path, with non judgement. If I feel the urge to judge, I will look at something to praise about them instead.

Thank you for giving me the strength to follow through on my commitment.

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