Just for today – post 3

Update – (link) Yesterday, I decided to have a day free of judgement. It went super well. While walking Cherry I met a neighbor and her dog. My mind started telling me that this was the same person who had promised to call on me and never did. I caught myself on time and admired her cute Havanese instead.

Later during the day, while having lunch, I commented on how poor the dish tasted. What was I thinking serving my family this horrible meal I chastised myself. I caught myself again and said to myself “Hey there, knock knock. Today is a non-judgy day and that includes not judging yourself”.

As a result, I watched 4 hours of TV (Hart of Dixie) in case you are curious, and served warmed up soup from a can for dinner. I also requested hubby to walk Cherry at the end of the day because I did not feel like it – he obliged. Not once did I judge myself!!!! Thank you very much. :-))

Just for today – I will do two things I usually avoid.

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