Just for today – post 4

Update – (link). So yesterday, my task was to do things I usually avoid. That’s easy :-).

When I walk every day, I listen to various playlists suggested by Apple Music named “Top 100” or “Shazam” or playlists with other funky names. I tend to give a song a whole 2 seconds and press ‘skip’ if I dislike the beat/lyrics or both. Yesterday, I avoided the skipping and decided to listen to every song until my walk was over, basically no skipping. I had some amazing insights.

My body and mind found creative ways to deal with the agony of some songs. My body started to march to the beat if I disliked the lyrics. If I disliked the beat, I tried very hard to focus on the lyrics and tried to understand the journey I was on with the singer. For example Travis Scott was probably taking me to “Jamba Juice” on a “parachute” in the song titled ‘SickoMode’?

Also, for some reason I am unable to comprehend, as a way to cope, my mind started pulling hilarious events from the past – like the time when hubby dressed up in a onesie for a holiday party and how awful he looked. I threatened to leave him if he wore a onesie but here we are still together in the craziness (getting off track). Anyway, I was cheerful and lighthearted when I came home after the walk.

All in all – I usually put an end to things quickly if I dislike something about it (work assignments, friendships etc). I learned that if I endure and give it more time, the body and mind does find a way to cope, and the journey actually becomes exciting and hilarious sometimes.

As a result of this experiment I am going to persist on tasks for a longer duration and see where the journey takes me.

Just for today – I am going to try another task I avoid/dislike and see where it takes me.

Stay tuned.

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