Just for today – post 5

Update – link

The above is a picture of Cherry hiding in the laundry room. So, why is she hiding there you ask? Because mom was screaming at dad and she did not want to get caught in the middle. Wonder, why mom is yelling at dad at the top of her lungs? Here is why..

Hubby and I were having a nice time watching the movie ‘Fracture’. Little did we know how apt the title was. Hubby got a ping on his phone and left in a hurry. He came back and said his friends were arriving in 30 minutes and asked me to get ready. Have you seen a red dragon with smoke coming out of its nose. Please picture it – I was that red dragon after he told me of this impromptu drop in. I yelled and screamed at him for not having consulted me and said I needed more notice and that there was nothing at home to serve and pretty much everything I could think of. Hubby looked at Cherry for support (see pic above) and said he could not undo the invite.

You see how my cozy afternoon was fractured by this event?

Fast forward -I pulled some things out of the pantry and prepared a drink and snacks for them and also got ready on time. I discovered how big my oven is and how much stuff it can hold. I also discovered that all those years of reading House Beautiful and Real Simple had prepared me for 10 minute instant cleanups of the main areas of the house.

We had a wonderful time with them and they seem very relaxed, which is a good sign for the hosts.

Spontaneity is not something I am good at and avoid at all costs. I am a planner and do hours / weeks of preparation for even a minor event.I embraced it yesterday only because of the ‘Just for today’ journey I am on.

I am going to try and be more spontaneous moving forward. I realized my family can rise up to the situation and it was a bonding moment for all of us. We laughed at Cherry together and I have never seen hubby be so helpful and kiddo also did her best to pitch in.

It was a wonderful cocktail of excitement+nervousness+anger+joy+relief+togetherness and it tasted awesome.

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