Q & A – 100$ or less purchase

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So, what purchase(s) of 100 $ or less has changed my life positively. I have several and my post has to start with Cherry.

My purchase – I cringe when I say this, I purchased Cherry from a breeder. She is the best investment I have made in my entire life and for generations to come.

Way back when, I was at the lowest point in my life because my parents had passed away within 10 months of each other. I had spiraled down into deep depression. Back then, one could not talk about depression and poor mental health, so I endured, and so did my family. Those days were difficult.

Backdrop – I visited various shelters, either we were not a good match for the dog being placed or vice versa. I got fed up with the process and patience is not my virtue, so looked up a local breeder and got Cherry from her. The breeder showed us two puppies and we did not want to separate them, so we actually bought them both. We named them Coco and Cherry.

Coco was bossy and hurt Cherry a lot and did not allow her to eat or play. Coco ate all of Cherry’s food and treats and would not even allow Cherry to play ball with us. We decided to give Coco away to friends who loved her playful personality and we decided to keep Cherry. Why? Kiddo chose Cherry because we felt very sorry for her back then. She would sit in her crate all day and accept whatever was left after Coco was done.

Once Coco was out of the house, Cherry’s personality started blossoming. She turned out to be an extremely playful and happy dog. She loved fetching the ball and going for long drives.

I could not tell you how Cherry has impacted my life positively without a little background info, yes?

My life with Cherry – Cherry teaches me to treat each day as a new one and let go of the pain and hurts of yesterday. She wakes up and says “Hello World” and comes trotting for treats and belly rubs and is just so happy to be alive. She teaches me everyday that life is worth living. She lives in the moment and so do I.

I had also become recluse before Cherry. She forced me to take her for walks, as a result I fell in love with nature and started making small conversations with other pet parents. She brought me out of my stupor.

She was the only one who would make me smile in an authentic way. Getting a smile out of me was as difficult as seeing the Halley’s Comet but she never gave up on me. Slowly but steadily I came out of the bad state I was in and here I am today.

So , thank you Cherry. You are my everything and without you I would not have been here blogging or living life to the fullest.

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