Q&A – Bad Recommendation I often hear

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Q/ What is a bad recommendation you hear in your profession or area of expertise?

I would like to say I am a professional parent and parenting is my area of expertise. That said, I don’t claim to know it all 🙂 and have a growth mindset and always willing to learn.

A/I often hear parents talking about how their kids are bored at school and that they are advocating a grade skip or level bump of some kind for their kids. College at the age of 11 (?) – heard of it?

I strongly believe that kids have plenty to learn where they are at. For example, if they know addition and subtraction in grade 2, why not grow in depth in those areas? Perhaps multiple digit addition or solve word problems involving addition or maybe write a book for peers on the subject.

Grade skips and other bumps may grow the child intellectually but unless you want the whole child to grow this is not a good thing. More often than not I have noticed children trying to live up to their parents expectation and getting burnt out in the process. Socially also they feel out of place with older kids and are unable to connect on that plane.

All this grade skipping, level bumping results in one unhappy child. It is like planting a seed in soil and watering only the right side.

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