The curious movie of Walter Mitty

Why is it dogs and movies for me?

So anyway, I have YouTubeTV subscription and was asked to watch The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

I did not understand what in the world was happening and was almost going to switch. Cherry was comfortably seated on my lap and I did not want to move, so I guess I continued watching this very very strange movie.

Anyway, can I tell ya – it turned out to be one of the best and most meaningful movies I have ever watched. It is a soulful movie and connected with me on so many different levels.

My key takeaway though – in 2020 I am going to be adventurous and travel a lot more. I grew up too quickly due to life circumstances. The seed of travel and adventure that was planted by my dad got buried deep inside me and was covered in mounds and mounds of dirt.

This movie blew the dirt away and exposed that seed of adventure and travel. I cannot wait for 2020 to roll in.

Dear World,

Here I come.

5 thoughts on “The curious movie of Walter Mitty

  1. This is one of my favorite movies! I love the daydreaming scenes! And it’s always awesome to watch someone go from having a sad and mediocre life to having an exciting and adventurous one!


  2. 100% Agree. Glad you liked the movie. Initially, I was not sure where they were going with the story line (outrunning the volcano and all) but eventually it all worked out. One favorite scene was the skateboard swap (fun transcends language barriers).


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