Q & A – A failure

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Q\How has failure or apparent failure set you up for later success? Do you have a favorite failure?

A\Do I have one? Hmm , let me see – I have a whole array of ’em and will pick the choicest one for this blog.

A\ I was in Grade 8, it was a Social Studies class. We had taken a test the previous day and the tests had been graded and were being returned. The teacher was distributing it by last name. I waited with bated breath, but she went past my name and did not call on me until after every single paper had been handed out.

She finally called for everyone’e attention and announced in no uncertain terms how I had incorrectly answered a very important question based on current events. She went on to proclaim how the class had lived up to her expectation, but me. After the long and grueling speech she handed me the test paper with so much disgust that I wanted to collapse into myself.

That day my friends and dear readers, I vowed to start reading the newspaper regularly to stay abreast of current events. I made it to our Quiz Bowl team soon after.

Two lessons I took away – 1) how you react and respond, either builds you up or tears you down. Make that choice every minute. No one is here for you except you, so treat yourself kindly. 2) Never criticize anyone in public. If you have to give feedback give it 1-1. Not everyone is strong to take the mother lode and could end up doing things they are not supposed to do. I had a good support system in myself so I lived with the humiliation. How many of us can say that?

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