Of Divers and Whales

I was watching an episode of ‘Hart of Dixie’ where Zoe treats a kid who went diving without parental supervision and had a medical problem as a result of not diving correctly. This led me to research the problem of coming up for air too quickly. For in depth info read this (sub heading ‘Withstanding the pressure’).

To summarize the article, if divers and whales come up for air too quickly, their lungs cannot withstand the pressure and this can be fatal.

I was in a very unpleasant situation recently. It was so bad that we did not even say proper good byes to one another. Typically, I will act as if everything is normal and just plow through. I will act normal, talk normal but will be seething inside.It usually does more harm than good because it elongates the process and the issues go unresolved.

This time, it was different. I decided to let the person know that I was unhappy with the way they behaved and at the rude comments they made. I was polite but direct and took a day or two to decompress. Once the anger was fully out of my system, I decided to accept their phone call. Not only did this process give me closure but I am left with a feeling of lightness and have no residual emotions regarding the situation. We are back to being normal.

Perhaps, in the past I have been resurfacing too quickly and hence it has done more harm than good. The sudden decompress has left me gasping and has been fatal to relationships.

Lesson learned – do not come up for air too quickly. Take enough time to process – it is safer that way.

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