Mr. Tom

We were traveling in our vehicle at a neck breaking speed of 5 mph on Broadway and lets say 55th. Everything in New York is Broadway and something. Since I do not remember the exact location, I will call it Broadway and 55th.

So, being Christmas/New Year the streets were bursting at the seams with tourists. We got excited that the traffic light turned green and started speeding at 6 mph to cross over. As we approached the pedestrian crossing, two tourists oblivious of vehicles, were simply standing on the crossing with their backs turned towards us and admiring the stars or perhaps the NY skyline.

My brother who was driving, just stopped a few inches from them and started laughing. The pedestrians looked at us and saw my brother laughing and they burst out laughing as well. Everyone exchanged a bro moment and after waving to one another, moved on. (Yes, we made the light as it turned red).

I was so surprised by the whole encounter that I tried it today. I was trying to change lanes and a gentleman (hmm, let me see, I’ll call him Mr. Tom) was not letting me go. Normally, I would just say a few of my choicest words, but this time I laughed out loud and said ‘huh, look at Mr. Tom, probably he is in a hurry.’

I felt surprisingly calmer, wonder why?

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