Challah Bread (Part 1)

Things magically appear in my pantry when I let my family go shopping. This time around, I was surprised to find a loaf of Challah bread on my counter. I have heard of it but have never seen it or tasted it. So, thanks to my family, my curiosity was piqued.

I did some research on Challah Bread and came across this wonderful resource. In summary, Challah Bread is kosher bread and has 7 ingredients in it (water, yeast, sugar, salt, flour, oil and eggs). The magic secret 8th ingredient is our soul that makes every baked bread unique. The writer goes on to say that just like every ingredient has a role in the making of bread, we too can incorporate these ingredients into our lives.

Here is my spin on the ingredients.

Ingredient 1) Water – nourishes my soul and I cannot live without it.

Q\What then, nourishes my soul that I cannot live without?

A\ The love of my hubby, kiddo and Cherry. This love keeps me going on tough days and sees me through foggy sunrise and dull sunsets.

Ingredient 2) Yeast – helps the flour rise.

Q\ What then, makes my soul rise? What makes me a good human everyday?

A\ Prayer and gratitude for everything happening and everything that was stopped from happening.

Ingredient 3) Sugar – adds sweetness.

Q\ What adds sweetness to my life?

A\ God. Knowing there is someone I am accountable to and that person has my back. It is a good feeling you know?

Ingredient 4) Salt – a little goes a long way.

Q\ What do I need a little of but not too much?

A\ Ego. Ego is Latin for ‘I’. A healthy sense dose of I ism is actually good for me. It helps me know my self worth and what I am capable of. Too much of it is not good as we all know, and none of it is not good either. So a healthy dose of self worth, self esteem – bring it.

To be continued

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