Travel Diaries – South India

Remember my post about wanting to travel more? Well, guess what? I just got back from a trip to temple town (Chennai) in India.

India is beautiful and I was not disappointed. It is rich in history and culture. People are warm and welcoming and super helpful. The food – oh so delicious. A must have would be their ‘filter coffee’.

This post is taking a turn and will not be about my travels but a few thoughts regarding the same. I have always been very independent and have enjoyed solo travel. I usually plan well and make a list of places I want to visit and get it all done. This time around it was different. I experienced a few emotions I have never before.

Every time I saw something spectacular – like the colorful dome of a temple or when I walked on the second largest beach in the world (Marina), instead of being filled with happiness and joy, I experienced sadness and a sense of loneliness. I wished that my half interested hubby and eye rolling kiddo were there to take in these sights with me. More than anything in the world, I wanted to share the experience with someone.

I have come to the realization that travel for me, moving forward, is about sharing the experience, and not just going from point A to point B. I am done with solo travel I think. But then they also say, never say never 🙂

For now enjoy some pics (colorful temple dome, clothes line with traditional clothes worn by men and women, street side shops with colorful items for sale, view of the city hugged by the Bay of Bengal).

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