Power of Prayer

I have been very sick. First, I was recovering from jet lag, and now, from a severe cold/cough and fatigue. Hubby is out traveling on business, and it is just kiddo and me. My regular helper is out of the country as well and all the important events are happening this weekend – the kind that kiddo cannot miss.

I felt helpless. I felt distraught. I was afraid and hopeless.


it occurred to me that there was just one thing left for me to do – Pray. I started praying and asked for help from the almighty. Help came in the form of fellow parents willing to drive kiddo where she needed to be (they have to drive an additional 10 minutes to get to my house and it is completely out of the way for them), my regular dog sitter offering to double as a driver until I could become fit enough to drive on my own, and ideas such as bringing out the Vaporizer to unclog my sinus etc.

I am a lot better now.

If all else fails, I’ll pray

If everything is scary, I’ll pray

If I feel hopeless, I’ll pray

If I need answers, I’ll pray

For prayer is the only salve that will cure everything.

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