Challah Bread (Part 2)

I know you have been waiting for Part 2 with bated breath. Here is Part 1 in case you have no clue what I am talking about. Thanks for your patience! Here goes ..

Ingredient 5) Flour is the ultimate Boss Person. It is needed by every baker and lends itself easily and unselfishly.

Q\ What do I do for others without any expectation?

A\ Holding the door open for the elderly, giving up my seat for someone in need, holding a child’s hand until it is reunited with its parents, walk Cherry even when I could curl up on the sofa with a Cherry Coke are just a few such acts.

Ingredient 6) Oil makes the end product fluffy.

Q\ What makes my life light and airy and fluffy?

A\ I have to say it is Cherry. She is why I smile everyday. I am nothing without her. She is eyeing the bowl of rice and has no clue I am writing this about her. Every night without fail she will jump up and down the bed, so she can get in there with me. The way she started to climb a tree yesterday in search of the lizard was just too funny. (I wish I had captured it on video.) She did climb the tree folks, just trust me will ya?

Ingredient 7) Eggs are versatile and give stability, form and structure. They also hold things together and act like glue.

Q\ What like eggs gives stability and structure to my life? What holds my being in one piece.

A\ Books. I just have to read and learn everyday. Without knowledge and learning, I break down and fall apart.

So there you have it all. See ya.

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