I read plenty of health & fitness magazines and came across an article. It stated that if one needs to strengthen their back muscle, they need to strengthen their core. Idea being, to fix a weak spot you need to strengthen another spot which in turn strengthens the weak spot. Confused already?

I have been dealing with some issues lately that has brought me out of my daily routine. Until today, I was not walking, meditating or reading as usual. I just sat and sat and sat some more and scrolled through endless WhatsApp messages that sometimes made no sense. I was sad and did not know how to break out of this unhealthy rut.

The article was timely and made sense to me. I thought that in order to motivate myself and bring myself out of the funk, I need to do work on something else. Instead of chiding myself for aimlessly sitting, I set a timer for 45 minutes and read a book. My mind asked me to go check on the kettle, check if Cherry’s bowl was full etc etc. I decided to use discipline to overcome my inactivity. It worked! I was happier. Then I decided to meditate for 20 minutes. I felt calmer and happier and there has been no looking back. Today has been a breakthrough.

To summarize, I overcame lethargy and mental fog by upping my discipline. Strengthen the discipline and lethargy will fly out the window. I wonder what other opposites I can use to overcome habits I need to fix..

Some of my favorites.

For fear – strengthen Faith

For anger – strengthen forgiveness & compassion

For hurt – strengthen love

I am sure there are many more I am missing, but a good start eh?

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