Six-Word Memoir

Have you heard of Six-Word Memoirs? I got to know about it today and had to blog about it. You can read more about it here.

My six word memoir is “You may be strong, I’m stronger”.

Ok, so you may be wondering if there is a backstory behind this phrase. Yes, there is, thanks for asking.

Kiddo was given 6 (1 hour assignments) a few months back. She had to plan for it and do little bit every day and turn it in by March. I just found out that she has done 2/6 and has no plan to do the remaining any time soon. I have been getting repeated pings from her teacher and am at my wits end.

Side story – we love baking together and I bought a new Bundt pan and a cake mix to try out (a few weeks back). She has been wanting to bake the Bundt cake for a while. I told her today that as soon as she finishes 6/6 assignments, I would bake with her. She argued with me on how it was not fair etc. My heart is not strong enough to see my child sad. I can tell that it is affecting her deeply and I almost want to give in, but I won’t.

I have to be strong, that is the right thing to do as a parent. Who said parenting was easy? Ack! one of those days – just waiting for her to finish so I can bake and get the smiley face back on her. I am not implying that I have power over her, hence I am stronger (what a cowardly act that would be). I am saying that I am strong enough to do the right things however difficult it may be.

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