Step back

I got a fwd from my uncle. It was an image with several dots. I could not make head or tail of it. Then a text popped up that said that I needed to look at it from an angle. Once I did that, a beautiful image was revealed. Huh, I said to myself – perspectives..

Kiddo won a national award (silver) and was very sad that she did not win gold. We were very thrilled that she got recognition at the national level but nothing would cheer her up. We even put up some posters around the house celebrating her win and one at her door along the lines of “Enter only if you are a National Medal Winner”. We also put up a poster on the restroom door and reserved it for her exclusively for one day. Nothing worked. (We have two restrooms in the house in case you were wondering đŸ™‚

I finally sat her down and said that she needs to celebrate her win. People who stand too close have a very narrow view of things such as ‘oh I did not win the Gold’. People who stand far away have a wider view of things such as ‘Oh, there were at least a 150 entries and I was chosen from among them. What an honor.’

I think this goes for all of us. We usually stand too close to a problem and see a very narrow sliver. Standing a few steps back gives us a bigger and better perspective.

To Kiddo!

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