Chromebook vs. iPad

As you might already know I am an avid reader. With libraries being closed and all that, I turned my attention to e-books. Hey, I need oxygen and books – no judgies!

My library offered several choices of e-books and just looking at all those colorful titles on my Chromebook got me very excited!!!!! I was asked to download the e-book app on my Chromebook which I did. I excitedly checked out the book and opened the reader and fiddled with it for a while but was unable to get it to transition to the next page. Basic features like viewing the table of contents, flipping through pages etc was a daymare!!!!! <Vocab word of the day>

I looked at some online help videos and saw that the app actually worked beautifully on an iPad. I went through the same procedure on the iPad and viola it worked like no body’s business. The pages flew past the screen like ribbons and my heart jumped with joy.

So, what is my point. Clearly it is not to tell you how the e-reader works on the iPad and not on the Chromebook? No siree, missie! uh uh.

Just like the app, even thought it is beautifully and wonderfully made, but not supported by Chromebook and fully and 100% supported by the iPad – all of us are beautifully and wonderfully made with all these amazing gifts and talents. If you don’t seem to get yourself to fully function in a relationship or environment it only means that the relationship/environment does not support you. Hop onto another platform that supports you and makes you shine like a diamond.

I know someone needed to hear this today. You are perfect just the way you are.

Stay warm, stay healthy.

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