Pepto bismol for Emotions

I went for a self improvement talk a while back and the presenter opened it up for Q & A towards the end. Someone shared that they dealt with anger and did not know how to channel it. Others shared whatever they dealt with and how they were unable to vent. That was the general theme, <I have ——- emotion and am unable to process it>. A wise lady raised her hand and all eyes turned toward her. In a very calm voice she said – “we all eat and digest food.Similarly, we need to digest our emotions.”The presenter nodded in approval and since she had nothing to add, closed out the session. I don’t know how you feel reading that last sentence , to me it was a cliffhanger. How the bleep do we process emotions and digest them? If only she had shared that part it would have been so much more useful.

Anyway, I have been dealing with chronic pain, on a level of 1 – 10, I have constantly been a 10. I take an Ibuprofen, the pain drops to a 1, the cycle repeats. My doctor has been okay with this plan until she can see me in person. Today, I decided to not take meds and try something different. I am not new to the realm of Mind-Body-Energy medicine and understood right away that the physical pain was probably a manifestation of trapped emotional pain. Why it took me so long to get here beats me too! 🙂

Back to my point – every article on the internet ended with ‘you have emotions trapped in your physical body and you need to release that emotion in order to get over your physical pain’. I felt the same anger rising as I had felt a few weeks back at the seminar. I decided to use the search engine to its full potential and started searching for tools to release blocked emotions. I found one that resonated with me and was –ahem- easy enough to follow. I watched a video also just to be sure that it was as easy as the article made it to be. I tried the technique and my pain dropped from a 10 to a 0 after 3 rounds of it.

Please feel free to draw your own conclusions. I am not a health or medical professional and am not advocating anything. I am just sharing my experience in the hope that it may benefit someone.


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