A parable

I have been fascinated by the life of poet Rumi and have been reading. This parable jumped out at me.

Have you heard of the story of the three fishes that lived in a lake? One wise (A), one not so wise (B) and one not wise at all (S). They lived happily in a lake until one day two fishermen showed up with a net.

A – the wise one immediately started swimming towards the ocean and decided to not even wait to consult the other two for fear of being weakened in its resolve to flee. A knew what it wanted and just kept going towards the ocean until it was one with it.It realized that the lake was no longer its home and realized that the vast ocean that also held several fish was its home and thus escaped.

B- watched A swim towards the ocean and kicked itself on its behind because it had not followed A. The fishermen were too close to it so it decided to lay belly up and fake being dead. The fishermen caught B, decided it was dead and tossed it aside. B rolled back slowly and slid back into the lake and perhaps followed A to the ocean when all was clear.

S – thrashed about here and there and did not know what it wanted to do or was supposed to do. It was confused and thought the lake was its home and tried to swim hither thither. The fishermen caught S and tossed it into the frying pan.

Lead, follow or refusal to acknowledge?

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