What did I learn today?


In case you had not guessed it, I am frustrated. Why? Because I wanted to sew some masks for the health personnel and I do have a sewing machine. I am not even a beginner but I was willing to try.

The tutorials seemed easy enough and I cut up the template and started sewing the 6×9 pieces of fabric. First, the upper thread came loose, then the lower thread got jammed. Once, I figured that out, I realized I had sewn the mask inside out. I fixed that to find that the ear piece elastics were sewn in and not out. Obstacles galore, but I did not give up for 4 hours. I kept at it in the hope that I would learn something. I read the machine manual, patiently ran the seam ripper through the fabric as I sewed them over and over and over.

After 4 solid hours I realized I wanted to make something happen and the Universe was determined to not let that happen. I cleaned up the work area and played with Cherry in the yard.

Moral of the story – even if you are willing sometimes things just do not happen. You just need to pack your bags and move.

Tomorrow is another day. See you then.

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